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Hi-Rise Luxury Apartments With Pool New Jersey

Hi-Rise Luxury Apartments With Pool New Jersey

Yes, it is January, and there is still snow on the ground.  So why are we talking about apartments with pool in New Jersey?  Because, New Jersey apartments with a pool seem to be trending.  Every new building is including a pool in their list of amenities.  Some of the larger complexes are including both an indoor and an outdoor pool.  The latter would make sense since there are only 4 months of the year when you could use an outdoor pool.

theone-jersey-city-poolOne of the newer apartments in Jersey City with a pool is The One Apartments at 110 First Street.  The outdoor pool here is located atop the 6th floor.  The pool area has a hot tub, cabanas, lounge area, fire pits, and bbq stations.  If the pool were heated, you could probably get another 2 months use out of it, but once you get out of the pool, you would need to sprint back inside or at minimum have a warm jacket at your immediate disposal.

While the pool is not available during the wither months, tenants could take advantage of the other benefits in the building.  The fitness center has cardio equipment, exercise machines, free weights, and a yoga studio.  The hi-def media center makes it convenient to take your kids and their friends down to show a movie, Mom and Dad can get some alone time in the golf simulator.  And if you have little kids, there is a playroom to use, so you don’t need to have toys laying all over your apartment.

For those of us that like to do a little work from home, there is a business bar in the lounge where you can get hooked up to the WiFi while you drink your morning coffee.  The front desk concierge service is available 24 hours/7 days a week, just in case you need something that is not during normal working hours.

In addition to all of this, the super lives right on-site.

If you would like to get the full details of available apartments with pool in Jersey City, check out the website for TheOne Jersey City

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Renting Jersey City Condos – Comfort and Convenience Instead of a Hotel

If you are planning to bring your family to New York City, but really don’t want to pay the high prices for a place to stay in New York, Think about Jersey City. Reasonable rents and still close enough to get into the city for a day of fun.


Jersey City Condos are a great way to save money, and still get to enjoy city life with your family and friends. You can find some very comfortable condo in Jersey City.

There is a huge  variety of Jersey City Condos available to rent n ranges from modest one bedroom/studio apartments to some of the best luxury condos in Jersey City.  And you can decide if you want a short term or long term stay – the choice is yours.


If you are business is planning on having clients come in for negotiations and signing of contracts, what better way to make them feel comfortable.  Jersey City Condos can be a great place to put up your clients for a few days. They will feel more comfortable and still be able to venture into Manhattan for some great entertainment and dinner.

House hunting

If you are relocating than another good reason for checking out the condos in Jersey City is, that it can give you a home base so that you can check out all the available condos and not feel pressured into making a hasty decision. You can take your time, relax, hop into Manhattan for a little fun and than relax in your condo when your done.


Now if you are planning on surprising your family with a trip to New York for the holidays, you can save your self some money, and look into the condos in Jersey City that are for rent. You will have a great space to stay, and still be close enough to go into the city and enjoy the atmosphere of the city during the holidays. You can decide to enjoy dinner in the city, or relax back at the condo with a nice meal that you can have delivered and enjoy in comfort.

You can plan your own holiday and arrange for a condo in Jersey City by just sitting down in the front of your computer that is how easy it can be. You may not of ever thought of renting a condo in Jersey before, but once you check things out online, I think you will agree that it is the best option for comfort and convenience.

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Luxury Condos for Sale – Look for the Hidden Costs

If you are looking for Luxury Condos for Sale in New York or even in Atlanta beware of hidden cots, because along with the purchase price there will be other costs to consider.

Mandatory fees

One thing that all luxury condos for sale have in common is that the condo owners must pay mandatory fees to the Homeowners’ Association.  These fees are required for any maintenance that the building may need and to cover any unexpected community expenses.

So don’t let the great features seduce you before you check with the Homeowners Association about what your fees will be each month, so that you will know that you can afford to purchase the condo.


Another very important matter to investigate is if the homeowners in the building are up-to-date with their maintenance fees. If they are not up to date, than the repair fund will be insufficient should any important repairs come up to be fixed.

Luxury Condos for Sale need to have a healthy Homeowners’ Association fund because other wise it will be impossible to arrange finances.

Public transport

Next on your list of questions should be whether the condo for sale is close to public transportation.  Not being close to transportation can have a negative impact on your life and this sometimes slips the mind of a prospective buyer.

If  you have your mind set to look in the Luxury Condos for Sale market in Manhattan and it is not located close to public transportation, that could be why the price is lower. You would be making up the difference in taxi cabs to get you around the city.

Positive aspects

Ok you have all the questions that you need to ask, and you know that you do not have to worry about any exterior or common area expenses and this will make your condo life that much nicer.

Less expensive

If you are in the market for something a little less expensive, New Jersey condos offer an attractive village lifestyle for many people who work in New York City, because commuting is easy.

Also, Jersey City condos, like most Luxury Condos for Sale in the current market are less expensive than single-family homes.  This means you get far more value for your money when you choose a luxury condo in New Jersey.

Better neighborhood 

Why would you want to pay $5 million for a New York town-house that is supposedly going cheap, because it’s located in a bad neighborhood. This way you can afford a nice neighborhood, great schools and still have a luxury condo.

If you are looking for breathtaking views, than look at the condos on the Hudson River and New York Bay.

Start packing

So start looking for your moving company, get your packing supplies and get ready to find the perfect home for you and your family.

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