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Hi-Rise Luxury Apartments With Pool New Jersey

Hi-Rise Luxury Apartments With Pool New Jersey

Yes, it is January, and there is still snow on the ground.  So why are we talking about apartments with pool in New Jersey?  Because, New Jersey apartments with a pool seem to be trending.  Every new building is including a pool in their list of amenities.  Some of the larger complexes are including both an indoor and an outdoor pool.  The latter would make sense since there are only 4 months of the year when you could use an outdoor pool.

theone-jersey-city-poolOne of the newer apartments in Jersey City with a pool is The One Apartments at 110 First Street.  The outdoor pool here is located atop the 6th floor.  The pool area has a hot tub, cabanas, lounge area, fire pits, and bbq stations.  If the pool were heated, you could probably get another 2 months use out of it, but once you get out of the pool, you would need to sprint back inside or at minimum have a warm jacket at your immediate disposal.

While the pool is not available during the wither months, tenants could take advantage of the other benefits in the building.  The fitness center has cardio equipment, exercise machines, free weights, and a yoga studio.  The hi-def media center makes it convenient to take your kids and their friends down to show a movie, Mom and Dad can get some alone time in the golf simulator.  And if you have little kids, there is a playroom to use, so you don’t need to have toys laying all over your apartment.

For those of us that like to do a little work from home, there is a business bar in the lounge where you can get hooked up to the WiFi while you drink your morning coffee.  The front desk concierge service is available 24 hours/7 days a week, just in case you need something that is not during normal working hours.

In addition to all of this, the super lives right on-site.

If you would like to get the full details of available apartments with pool in Jersey City, check out the website for TheOne Jersey City

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Condos in New Jersey – Check out the ‘Live Where You Work Program’ for Local Workers

If you have just relocated to New Jersey check out the Condos in New Jersey market. They are part of the Live Where your Work Program. They will get you’re the help that you need to purchase the home of your dreams.


This program provides low-interest, fixed rate mortgage loans to first-time buyers who want a home in the town where they are employed.  Other benefits include down payment and closing cost assistance, if the property is within a Smart Growth area and has flexible underwriting criteria for the loan qualifying process.


A great incentive for looking at Condos in New Jersey, that you help keep the backbone of the city you are working in and becoming a part of a great city. Collingswood joined the State’s Live Where You Work program in 2010 and offers first-time buyers a varied housing stock including Victorian and Town houses in NJ and recently built condos in the downtown Lumber Yard development.  The Mayor Jim Maley announced the LWYW program to the press with an inspiring speech worthy of a professional motivational speaker and finished with being part of our community is a great incentive and you become the backbone of a great city to live in.

Greener environments

If you are looking for a greener environment, Condos in New Jersey has some great places to check out. Anthony Marchetta, Executive Director of the New Jersey Home & Mortgage Finance Association and himself a corporate keynote speaker added, that the program helps build sustainable communities

by providing affordable and reliable mortgages for residents and encouraging greener environments and alternative transportation options.”

High quality of life  

New Jersey contains major facilities for 15 of the worlds top companies. So if you are relocating to NJ to work in one of these facilities, than Condos in New Jersey is the market for you. There is a high quality of life and great job opportunities in New Jersey.

No. 1 in USA    

New Jersey has been ranked No 1 in the USA highway connectivity by Expansion Management Magazine. What this means is that companies in New Jersey  find that receiving and installing the latest processing machinery is simple and convenient.


All in all there are  33 municipalities participating in the Live Where You Work program, and they are  just waiting to help local employees buy condos in NJ.  So if you are in the market or your agreement at your current place is coming to an end, than look into the program and they will be there to help you through the whole process.

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Jersey City Condominiums Great For A Short Term Rental

Jersey City Condominiums are an excellent ‘home away form home’ for a temporary visit either to a Trade Show, vacation, or if you are relocating for a short-term project By offering your employees a fully furnished apartment for a short-term relocation it will make if more acceptable, plus provide a more natural lifestyle for the time that they are working on this temporary project.


For example, many of the areas that Jersey City Condominiums are located in  have the ambience of a bustling village with their boutique stores and interesting cultural activities.  Every year there are trade shows and conventions being held in New York and if you are asked to organize an exhibition, by offering the comfort and facilities of a condominium, you will not have a problem attracting a professional motivational speaker with a high profile.

Clean and Modern

If you stay in one of the Jersey City Condominiums you will be very happy. They are clean and modern. My husband had to supervise the installation of some chocolate wrapping machinery and stayed in one of these condos. It was beautiful, and very easy to get into NYC from the condo, it worked out great for all of us.

Central Park

Once a  month, I took the kids to spend a few days with him in the condo. We would visit The Empire State Building, Broadway and lots of other great places.  And when it was my daughter’s birthday we celebrated it together with a trip to the Central Park Zoo, it was so easy to get into the city from the condo.


This  fall, my husband will be attending another candy machine exhibition, so we will be renting another condo in Jersey City for a combined vacation/convention. My husband is very exciting with the professional motivational speaker they are having. It is a woman who made a fortune as an internet entrepreneur.

I would like to the kids to hear how hard work and being single-minded allowed this woman to become a millionaire. Who knows maybe one of our kids will follow in this woman’s footsteps.


I am sure that she will be staying in one of these great condos, when I was looking at the brochures, I was amazed at what some of them have to offer. Plus the convenience of getting into NY from these condos is wonderful.

I think that we will be saving up and have a family vacation and stay in one of these condos again. The kids and I both loved it, and there is just so much to do.

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