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Turning My Apartment for Rent in Fort Lee NJ into a Luxury Apartment

Turning My Apartment for Rent in Fort Lee NJ into a Luxury Apartment

apartments for rent fort lee nj

Are you just a regular person with a regular apartment?  If you are like me, and live in Fort Lee, NJ, you can get that luxury apartment feel for less than those luxury apartment NJ prices.

Sometimes you need to choose an inexpensive apartment with big potential, and with

a little imagination, effort and investment, you can turn those not so expensive Fort Lee rentals into a more comfortable place to call home.

So, as I was trying to get some ideas on how to magically, on a budget, give my apartment a facelift.  First I had to check with the manager to make sure he was OK with me doing a little “renovating”.  I am pretty handy, so I was able to do a few things on  my own to spruce it up.

Let’s look at a few things that I was able to do, and maybe this will help jump start your imagination to do your own apartment.

The apartments for rent Fort Lee, NJ that I looked at to get my inspiration is called The Modern.  If you check them out at you can get an idea of what the luxury apartments look like.

So here we go…

Home Depot or Lowes should know you by name by the time you are finished.

  1. Paint the walls – The easiest and least expensive way to start is giving your place a fresh coat of paint.  Usually, you should stick to neutral colors for the big walls, and you can use a different color on 1 or 2 small walls as an accent color.  Make sure you mask off the base boards & door frames so you have clean lines when you are finished
  2. Lighting – Your dining room light probably hasn’t been changed in years.  You can run over to your local DIY store and pick up a new chandelier or hanging light fixture for your dining room.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a new modern style fixture could make a big difference on the look of the room.
  3. Upgrade your bathroom – There are many things you can do in the bathroom to give it a more luxurious look.  A new shower-head, a new vanity for the sink, new faucet fixtures. You can upgrade that ugly medicine cabinet to a new one with a real wood finish.
  4. Kitchen Appliances – Although, this is probably a little more money than I wanted spend, I replace the stove, microwave, dishwasher & Refrigerator.  I went with all stainless steel appliances.  They are easier to keep clean, and I can take them with me when I decide to get a new place.
  5. Doors & Door Knobs – Not sure about your apartment, but mine had doors on the bedrooms & bathroom that had about 12 coats of paint on them.  I went down to Home Depot and picked out some new hard wood doors,some wood stain, and some nice chrome door knobs.

Now that I am finished, I feel better about my apartment.  I am not the type that needs a huge luxury apartment.  I just want a place that I can relax and enjoy after a long day at the office.  If you are like me, I hope this article helps you get motivated to start your own renovation.



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