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Fully Affordable Two Bedroom Apartments Coming to Jersey City

An article from Jersey Digs indicates that there is a new affordable development coming to Jersey City. In the Greenville neighborhood, 445 Ocean Ave. will be the new home of 64 affordable apartment units. The new complex, on Ocean Ave. between Dwight St. and Fulton Ave., will be called the Dr. Lena Francis Edwards Apartments. The new complex will be within walking distance of the Liberty National Golf Course and just over a mile to the Liberty Science Center.

Dr. Edwards was a local area resident and, according to the National Institutes of Health, “was one of the first African American women to be board-certified as an obstetrician-gynecologist.” Dr. Edwards has two additional locations that bear her name, Dr. Lena Edwards Park and Dr. Lena Edwards Academic School.

two-bedroom-apartments-jersey-cityThere was a ground breaking ceremony held in the fall of 2016 for the new development. When it is completed, it will have 12 one-bedroom apartments, 36 two-bedroom apartments, and 16 three-bedroom apartments. Five of the 64 apartments will be reserved for applicants who are currently without a residence, and priority will be given to US military veterans.

There are still things we don’t know about the building, like a completion date, starting rental rates, and size of the apartments.

With all of the new luxury buildings that have been constructed in the last five years in the Northeast section of the city along the waterfront, it’s good to see a developer commit an entire project to a community that feels like they are getting pushed out by upper-middle class residents coming across the river from New York.

With the rising tension of the inner city residents due to the redevelopment of the downtown area with ultra-luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments into Jersey City, this new development should help reassure the community that they have not been overlooked.