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Fully Affordable Two Bedroom Apartments Coming to Jersey City

An article from Jersey Digs indicates that there is a new affordable development coming to Jersey City. In the Greenville neighborhood, 445 Ocean Ave. will be the new home of 64 affordable apartment units. The new complex, on Ocean Ave. between Dwight St. and Fulton Ave., will be called the Dr. Lena Francis Edwards Apartments. The new complex will be within walking distance of the Liberty National Golf Course and just over a mile to the Liberty Science Center.

Dr. Edwards was a local area resident and, according to the National Institutes of Health, “was one of the first African American women to be board-certified as an obstetrician-gynecologist.” Dr. Edwards has two additional locations that bear her name, Dr. Lena Edwards Park and Dr. Lena Edwards Academic School.

two-bedroom-apartments-jersey-cityThere was a ground breaking ceremony held in the fall of 2016 for the new development. When it is completed, it will have 12 one-bedroom apartments, 36 two-bedroom apartments, and 16 three-bedroom apartments. Five of the 64 apartments will be reserved for applicants who are currently without a residence, and priority will be given to US military veterans.

There are still things we don’t know about the building, like a completion date, starting rental rates, and size of the apartments.

With all of the new luxury buildings that have been constructed in the last five years in the Northeast section of the city along the waterfront, it’s good to see a developer commit an entire project to a community that feels like they are getting pushed out by upper-middle class residents coming across the river from New York.

With the rising tension of the inner city residents due to the redevelopment of the downtown area with ultra-luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments into Jersey City, this new development should help reassure the community that they have not been overlooked.



Hi-Rise Luxury Apartments With Pool New Jersey

Hi-Rise Luxury Apartments With Pool New Jersey

Yes, it is January, and there is still snow on the ground.  So why are we talking about apartments with pool in New Jersey?  Because, New Jersey apartments with a pool seem to be trending.  Every new building is including a pool in their list of amenities.  Some of the larger complexes are including both an indoor and an outdoor pool.  The latter would make sense since there are only 4 months of the year when you could use an outdoor pool.

theone-jersey-city-poolOne of the newer apartments in Jersey City with a pool is The One Apartments at 110 First Street.  The outdoor pool here is located atop the 6th floor.  The pool area has a hot tub, cabanas, lounge area, fire pits, and bbq stations.  If the pool were heated, you could probably get another 2 months use out of it, but once you get out of the pool, you would need to sprint back inside or at minimum have a warm jacket at your immediate disposal.

While the pool is not available during the wither months, tenants could take advantage of the other benefits in the building.  The fitness center has cardio equipment, exercise machines, free weights, and a yoga studio.  The hi-def media center makes it convenient to take your kids and their friends down to show a movie, Mom and Dad can get some alone time in the golf simulator.  And if you have little kids, there is a playroom to use, so you don’t need to have toys laying all over your apartment.

For those of us that like to do a little work from home, there is a business bar in the lounge where you can get hooked up to the WiFi while you drink your morning coffee.  The front desk concierge service is available 24 hours/7 days a week, just in case you need something that is not during normal working hours.

In addition to all of this, the super lives right on-site.

If you would like to get the full details of available apartments with pool in Jersey City, check out the website for TheOne Jersey City

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Turning My Apartment for Rent in Fort Lee NJ into a Luxury Apartment

Turning My Apartment for Rent in Fort Lee NJ into a Luxury Apartment

apartments for rent fort lee nj

Are you just a regular person with a regular apartment?  If you are like me, and live in Fort Lee, NJ, you can get that luxury apartment feel for less than those luxury apartment NJ prices.

Sometimes you need to choose an inexpensive apartment with big potential, and with

a little imagination, effort and investment, you can turn those not so expensive Fort Lee rentals into a more comfortable place to call home.

So, as I was trying to get some ideas on how to magically, on a budget, give my apartment a facelift.  First I had to check with the manager to make sure he was OK with me doing a little “renovating”.  I am pretty handy, so I was able to do a few things on  my own to spruce it up.

Let’s look at a few things that I was able to do, and maybe this will help jump start your imagination to do your own apartment.

The apartments for rent Fort Lee, NJ that I looked at to get my inspiration is called The Modern.  If you check them out at you can get an idea of what the luxury apartments look like.

So here we go…

Home Depot or Lowes should know you by name by the time you are finished.

  1. Paint the walls – The easiest and least expensive way to start is giving your place a fresh coat of paint.  Usually, you should stick to neutral colors for the big walls, and you can use a different color on 1 or 2 small walls as an accent color.  Make sure you mask off the base boards & door frames so you have clean lines when you are finished
  2. Lighting – Your dining room light probably hasn’t been changed in years.  You can run over to your local DIY store and pick up a new chandelier or hanging light fixture for your dining room.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a new modern style fixture could make a big difference on the look of the room.
  3. Upgrade your bathroom – There are many things you can do in the bathroom to give it a more luxurious look.  A new shower-head, a new vanity for the sink, new faucet fixtures. You can upgrade that ugly medicine cabinet to a new one with a real wood finish.
  4. Kitchen Appliances – Although, this is probably a little more money than I wanted spend, I replace the stove, microwave, dishwasher & Refrigerator.  I went with all stainless steel appliances.  They are easier to keep clean, and I can take them with me when I decide to get a new place.
  5. Doors & Door Knobs – Not sure about your apartment, but mine had doors on the bedrooms & bathroom that had about 12 coats of paint on them.  I went down to Home Depot and picked out some new hard wood doors,some wood stain, and some nice chrome door knobs.

Now that I am finished, I feel better about my apartment.  I am not the type that needs a huge luxury apartment.  I just want a place that I can relax and enjoy after a long day at the office.  If you are like me, I hope this article helps you get motivated to start your own renovation.



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New apartments in New York have everything I need.

I moved to New York city when I was 20 years old, I wanted a new job, a new boyfriend, a new haircut, etc. Since that time I’ve lived in a lot of apartments. My first new apartment in New York was pretty small, but close to everything!. I loved it, in that apartment I felt pretty comfortable. As I got older,  I decided to move to another new apartment in New York, so, my second apartment was bigger than the other one, more comfortable and nice. While I was living in that apartment I met my current husband, we started a relationship and we got engaged. Two years after that, before our wedding, I got pregnant so we decided to move to a new apartment in New York. This is our current apartment, we’re living here with our two children and we are happier than ever. After all, new apartments in New York always have had everything I needed.

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New York luxury apartments: I know that everybody wants one.

My mother and I have lived in New York since I was born, but we used to live in a small apartment without any luxury. My mother worked in two different jobs to pay the rent and live comfortably. When I was a child I didn’t realize  that, but when I grew up I realized  all the effort and hard work  that my mother was doing for me. Now I work as an engineer and I have a very good job so I asked my mother to stop working and just relax. My mother always wanted to live in a New York luxury apartment, but she never could pay for it, so I took the decision out of her hands and decided to give her the key to her own New York luxury apartmentNew York luxury apartments are amazing, very comfortable and full of glamour, just what my mother loves! When the time came,  I gave to my mother a key, her face was like “What’s this, Mike?” I didn’t say anything and I also gave her an adress and I left. Two hours later my mom called me and she said crying that I was the best son that a mother can have. In that moment I started crying because there’s nothing more beautiful that making your mother happy after realizing all the effort and hard work  that she did for you. I know that everybody wants a New York luxury apartment, and I recommend it to everyone!

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New Jersey Apartment Rentals – Tips for Tenants

The New Jersey Apartment Rentals market are popular with commuters due to their convenient location between New York City and Philadelphia. Also due to the numerous job opportunities in New Jersey, many people re-locate to the area from states all across the U.S.
Now the landlord and tenant’s laws for New Jersey, New York City centre and Manhattan apartments are all the same, but they often vary between other states. So, if you are moving from some distance, for example Atlanta, Georgia to New Jersey, it will be well worth your time to check exactly what your legal obligations will be in your new location.
Inventory check
In the New Jersey Apartment Rentals market, it is usually the landlord’s responsibility to repair and maintain the apartment in a habitable condition. Which means it must be safe and hygienic in all respects. But before you move in, you need to do a full inventory check with the landlord and write down the details of any damage.
You than need to ask your landlord to sign the inventory because this is the best way to avoid being held responsible for wear and tear that occurred before you lived there. All repairs for damage caused by the tenant are the responsibility of the tenant and a suitably qualified person should be hired to undertake anything other than minor repairs.
Repair Requests
You need to make sure you find out from the landlord how you can contact him/her if you need repairs that are their responsibility. You need to agree to what action to take if an emergency repair is needed. For example, can you contact an emergency plumber yourself, or will the landlord guarantee a swift 24 hour 7 days a week response to an urgent situation.
Be pro-active
Before you sign a lease for any New Jersey Apartment Rentals, you need to be pro-active in finding out if the neighborhood will suit your requirements. Talk to as many neighbors as you can and ask these very important questions:
Do You Like Living in this apartment? You will be surprised at the honesty that you will get to this question.
Is it ever noisy? – Make sure you ask this question, because while you are there and checking things out it may seem quiet, but you need to find out if there are any hidden noise issues.
How is the Landlord? – Now before you sign a lease, the landlord is usually very pleasant, but find out from some of the residents that have been there for a few years, and see what they have to say about the landlord.
Neighborhood – Walk around the area to check out the amenities and public transportation. and than ask the residents what their likes and dislikes are.
Security – You need do find about the security in the building and if the residents feel safe. With just a little research when looking into a New Jersey apartment, you will save yourself a lot of time and trouble in the future.

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