New York luxury apartments: I know that everybody wants one.

21 Aug

My mother and I have lived in New York since I was born, but we used to live in a small apartment without any luxury. My mother worked in two different jobs to pay the rent and live comfortably. When I was a child I didn’t realize  that, but when I grew up I realized  all the effort and hard work  that my mother was doing for me. Now I work as an engineer and I have a very good job so I asked my mother to stop working and just relax. My mother always wanted to live in a New York luxury apartment, but she never could pay for it, so I took the decision out of her hands and decided to give her the key to her own New York luxury apartmentNew York luxury apartments are amazing, very comfortable and full of glamour, just what my mother loves! When the time came,  I gave to my mother a key, her face was like “What’s this, Mike?” I didn’t say anything and I also gave her an adress and I left. Two hours later my mom called me and she said crying that I was the best son that a mother can have. In that moment I started crying because there’s nothing more beautiful that making your mother happy after realizing all the effort and hard work  that she did for you. I know that everybody wants a New York luxury apartment, and I recommend it to everyone!

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Posted by on August 21, 2012 in Apartment Rentals


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