Manhattan apartments: Everybody deserves one.

21 Aug

I grew up in a small town and when I was a child I used to dream about living in a big city full of people.  I used to play that I was a secretary working for an important company but at the end of the day I just was another kid living in a small town. When I was a teenager I had the same dream, my school was boring for me, I was bored of seeing the same people everyday. One day, when I finished my studies, I decided to move to the Big apple. I started looking for Manhattan apartmentsbecause I used to see a movie with teenagers who lived there and it always seemed very fun to me. When I saw the prices of Manhattan apartments I was surprised, because I never thought that I could actually live there. So I visited a few of them and I chose one. Now Manhattan is my home, my family comes very often to visit me, and they’re very happy for me. I could make my dream a reality and I’m very happy, besides my apartment is very comfortable and nice, I have everything I’ve ever wanted and even more. Manhattan also gave me a great job, I’m not a secretary but I’m sure that one day I’m going to work doing what I really like. I can’t complain, I have exactly what I wanted and I think that everybody deserves that.

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