Everything can be wonderful just by getting an apartment for rent in new brunswick.

25 May

I’m from a little town, I lived there with my parents for 20 years. When I was 12 years old, Kim our neighbor, who has the same moved in with us, because her parents needed to travel. Kim was my best friend, during  that 4 years of living together we did everything together. Life was so much fun in that time. Kim and I planned on living together when we got older.  We watched a lot of movies aboutNew Jersey and we wanted to live there. We planned our huge apartment in our minds, and we thought it could be possible. When Kim and I were 16 years old, Kim’s parents took her away, to live in California with them, it was a very sad moment for all of us,we loved her very much. I was very sad, because she was like a sister to me, she was my accomplice in everything.  The time passed and when I was 20 years old I decided to move away from my old town. I started looking for apartments for rent in New Brunswick, after all, my dream was to live in New Jersey, and New Brunswick is a wonderful place. Renting a small apartment for myself was fantastic, a very nice experience, my first apartment. When I was 23 years old, something magical happened. I saw Kim on a corner, crossing the street, I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked . When I could finally react I shouted her name, and she saw me.  We started talking just like we were 16 years old again. She told me everything, and I told her everything too. Instantly I called my parents, and they talked with her, they were very excited, and Kim explained  that she tried and tried to get our number but it was almost impossible. After a few month of recovering all the wasted time, Kim and I decided to finally make our dream a reality. We visited a lot of apartments for rent in New Brunswick, and we found the perfect one for us. It is exactly as we imagined it. Kim and I have proved that sometimes with a little bit of luck but a lot of passion and effort, we could make our dream come true.

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