Condos in New Jersey – Check out the ‘Live Where You Work Program’ for Local Workers

01 Sep

If you have just relocated to New Jersey check out the Condos in New Jersey market. They are part of the Live Where your Work Program. They will get you’re the help that you need to purchase the home of your dreams.


This program provides low-interest, fixed rate mortgage loans to first-time buyers who want a home in the town where they are employed.  Other benefits include down payment and closing cost assistance, if the property is within a Smart Growth area and has flexible underwriting criteria for the loan qualifying process.


A great incentive for looking at Condos in New Jersey, that you help keep the backbone of the city you are working in and becoming a part of a great city. Collingswood joined the State’s Live Where You Work program in 2010 and offers first-time buyers a varied housing stock including Victorian and Town houses in NJ and recently built condos in the downtown Lumber Yard development.  The Mayor Jim Maley announced the LWYW program to the press with an inspiring speech worthy of a professional motivational speaker and finished with being part of our community is a great incentive and you become the backbone of a great city to live in.

Greener environments

If you are looking for a greener environment, Condos in New Jersey has some great places to check out. Anthony Marchetta, Executive Director of the New Jersey Home & Mortgage Finance Association and himself a corporate keynote speaker added, that the program helps build sustainable communities

by providing affordable and reliable mortgages for residents and encouraging greener environments and alternative transportation options.”

High quality of life  

New Jersey contains major facilities for 15 of the worlds top companies. So if you are relocating to NJ to work in one of these facilities, than Condos in New Jersey is the market for you. There is a high quality of life and great job opportunities in New Jersey.

No. 1 in USA    

New Jersey has been ranked No 1 in the USA highway connectivity by Expansion Management Magazine. What this means is that companies in New Jersey  find that receiving and installing the latest processing machinery is simple and convenient.


All in all there are  33 municipalities participating in the Live Where You Work program, and they are  just waiting to help local employees buy condos in NJ.  So if you are in the market or your agreement at your current place is coming to an end, than look into the program and they will be there to help you through the whole process.

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