Tips on Buying Luxury Condos for Sale – New York to Atlanta

13 Jul

The luxury apartments for sale in New York condominiums buildings offer some great in-house amenities, but don’t get sucked in by fancy packaging.  Equipment-filled gyms, in-house restaurant catering services and a heated swimming pool for residents only, all cost a lot of upkeep for the condo owners.

Maintenance fees

So if you plan to spend a heap of cash on one of the great Manhattan condos or New York condominiums, make sure you meet with the Housing Association’s treasurer before you commit to purchase and take a good look at the regular maintenance and contingency fees you’ll need to pay.

Public transport

My second tip is to choose a luxury condo for sale in close proximity to the public transport system.  If you’re buying during the summer months, you may think that a steady walk home from the subway station could be very pleasant.  However, the balmy summer weather also counts as ‘packaging’ – equipment like waterproof, fur-lined snow-boots will be necessary as you make that long, walk home during the winter months!

Value for money

Buying one of the attractive luxury condos for sale in the current market will certainly be substantially cheaper than buying a town-house.  The absolute minimum you could expect to pay for a New York town-house is currently around $5 million.

So you’ll certainly get better value for money from one of the luxury apartments for sale now, because prices have decreased dramatically since the peak in 2006.  Furthermore, if you buy a condo, you’ll be able to afford a more expensive neighborhood than if you went for a single-family home.

New Jersey condos

If the prices of Manhattan condos are a little out of your league, you should turn your attention to the New Jersey condos.  Located close by some very attractive beaches and with both busy shopping streets and quiet country roads, the Jersey City condos are popular with commuters and families with kids.  With its extensive transport infrastructure, New Jersey is an excellent home-base with an easy and convenient commute to New York.

Vibrant Atlanta

If you spend the cold winter months eating too many chocolate melters’ treats and praying for spring – take a look at some of Atlanta’s condos.  This city boasts some of the most attractive high-rise condos in the country and offers a wide variety of luxury apartments for sale. Enjoy the sophisticated social life of Atlanta’s vibrant city-center and never wear snow-boots again!

Waterfront condos for sale 

And if you prefer to live in a more natural landscape, there are some fabulous waterfront condos for sale overlooking Lake Larian, with spectacular vistas and great sailing opportunities!

To sum up, the most important tips regarding luxury condos for sale are:

  • Ask the Home Owners Association about building maintenance fees and the contingency fund.
  • Ask if all the building’s condo owners are up-to-date with their maintenance payments.
  • Don’t be overly swayed by the ‘packaging’, equipment-filled gyms are great but living close to public transport is essential!


Happy home-hunting!

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